My Sheep...

I have East Friesian Sheep and Gotland Sheep. The East Friesians are one of, if not the, best dairy sheep. They are friendly and calm, curious and a bonus is they have nice, versatile fleeces.

I love to make soap and cheese and raw milk mocha cappuccinos so naturally the East Friesians -

Gotland are also milky and have wonderful fleeces, prized by the fiber arts crowd. The ancient breed, a descendent of Gute landrace sheep, traces back to the Isle of Gotland off the coast of Sweden. The Gotland pelt is prized for its unique metallic silver grey color, soft curling locks ("purling") and high luster. It is the only known truly grey fleeced breed.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Introducing Beau

Beauregard is our future coyote snacker. His sire is a pure Great Pyrenees and his dam a Maremma mixed with Akbash. He's from working parents from a sheep ranch in Montana. They in turn, are from working parents on sheep ranches in Oregon.

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