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I have East Friesian Sheep and Gotland Sheep. The East Friesians are one of, if not the, best dairy sheep. They are friendly and calm, curious and a bonus is they have nice, versatile fleeces.

I love to make soap and cheese and raw milk mocha cappuccinos so naturally the East Friesians -

Gotland are also milky and have wonderful fleeces, prized by the fiber arts crowd. The ancient breed, a descendent of Gute landrace sheep, traces back to the Isle of Gotland off the coast of Sweden. The Gotland pelt is prized for its unique metallic silver grey color, soft curling locks ("purling") and high luster. It is the only known truly grey fleeced breed.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


My little flock.

I have 4 Icelandic ewes and 2 East Friesian ewes.
My primary concern is dairy, as I make cheese and other dairy products and I make soap. My ewes all have very nice fleeces because I feel like our ranch is more peaceful and happy when everyone is productive and I don't have a lot of buying and selling going on. It disturbs the flocks and herds here.
The animals are happier and healthier when we aren't too large in numbers but the girls still have daughters living with them.
My breeds are selected for the fact that they are triple purpose. Very practical. Both the East Friesian as well the Icelandic are considered a triple purpose breed. Fleece, meat, and dairy. The E. F. sheep are obviously higher producers of milk. They are also friendlier and much larger.

We live in Yakima Washington which is a high-desert region.

This is Francesca one of my East Friesian girls. They one of or the highest milk producing breed of sheep. 

Carmen is a lovely little girl. She will be around 180-200 pounds full grown.

Below is the lovely Francesca, my other East Friesian.

Here is my mentor Valerie from Valhalla Farm in Selah, Washington holding my sweet little Charlotte a bottle fed Icelandic with a superb fleece. She's super cuddly and sweet. I plan on training her to the milk stand.

This is Gisela and her twin ewe lambs. The chocolate is Beatrice, and she is horned. The black is polled like her mom and named Rosamund.

Of course in order for our family of animals here remain healthy and strong and not over-crowded, new lambs and goat kids must be sold every year to keep numbers down and the barn full of quality hay. Keep your eyes out for the sales list.


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